INFRA project

INFRA project

The fundamental objective of the INFRA project is to research and develop novel technologies for personal digital support systems, as part of an integral and secure emergency management system to support First Responders in crises occurring in Critical Infrastructures under all circumstances.

The OFSRC developed a number novel sensors and embodiments thereof, including a wearable sensor pack and a deployable sensor platform, both of which were wirelessly interfaced to a hardened robust wireless communications infrastructure, which was also specifically developed for this project. The sensor data was accessible via any internet browser and was also accessible via an application specifically developed by the OFSRC for mobile devices.

The technology developed and contributed by the OFSRC to the INFRA project included:

  • Gas sensors based on optical techniques (O2, CO2 and CH4)
  • Biometric sensors based on optical techniques (Total Haemoglobin, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate)
  • Radiation Sensors based on optical techniques (Beta and Gama radiation sensors)
  • Wireless sensor interfaces (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
  • Remote access (Embedded web servers and mobile applications)

The specific objectives of the project fell under the following categories:

Communications objectives, which involve the research and development of an integral and interoperable wireless communications system that will allow First Responders to have reliable means of communications as they enter subway tunnels and buildings with thick concrete walls.

First Responders objectives, which entail the research and development of a robust indoor site navigation system based on three location sensors (an inertial sensor, a wireless sensor and a video sensor), a video annotation system for First Responder PDAs, sensors for real time identification of radiation exposure and hazardous materials, and applications for gas leakage and hidden fire detection.

Standardization objectives, which includes R&D of a European level proposal for the standardization of the framework of communications and applications as proposed by INFRA.

Demonstration objectives, which consist on the demonstration of the validity of INFRA’s standards, communications and First Responder applications being developed.

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