Security for Marine Based WSN

A Secure Agile Wireless Sensor Network for Coastal Incident Monitoring

This project involves the development of a secure wireless communications system that will enable marine based sensors which utilises Data Buoys, AUV/ROV’s and Ship/Aircraft monitoring to communicate easily and securely. This will allow for an immediate deployment of a monitoring system for coastal incidences such as a ship sinking with cargo off the coast line or a docked vessel leaking fuel.

This type of system is intended to support a deployment of sensors on Data Buoys around a wreck to monitor for leakage of cargo and/or diesel fuel into the marine environment while recovery operations are planned and mounted. The entire system will be bonded together by a system of secure communications utilising all of the principles of Wireless Sensor Networks. 


The sensors used will be existing off-the-shelf sensors for oil/fuel detection and specific purpose sensors developed by the Optical fibre Sensor research centre (OFSRC) (see In addition the Mobile Marine Robotics Research Centre (MMRRC) ( has the experience necessary in Data Buoys and AUV/ROV’s to allow a practical system to be tested in an appropriate marine environment. 

Real time and on-demand system monitoring of sea based instrumentation and sensors, while ensuring a secure data transmission system for bi-directional communication channels, will enable swift response times for any possible sea/marine based incident, which could potentially damage the marine environment. The successful development and deployment of such a response network is largely dependent on a reliable communications system that can securely deliver its data. This project will enable such a system to be realised. 


The project is funded by a Libyan Government Scholarship .
The funded Researcher is Walid Suliman Elgenaidi (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  
Project PI: Dr Thomas Newe.