Security for Medical WSN

Security protocols and platform for wireless sensor networks (WSN) based Medical Applications
Security is very important in active health monitoring systems in order to protect and manage the critical and private information that is collected; therefore data confidentiality, integrity of data, and strong authentication features are critical security services of such a system. The first goal of the proposed research is to study and understand the current technology used with wireless sensor networks that can offer good link and end-to-end reliable and secure communications that are a necessity for medical monitoring systems. The research will then focus on the simulation of a complete wireless solution to a medical sensor system. This will encompass protocols for efficient, reliable and secure transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN’s), taking into account the resource constraints inherent to those networks.


Real time and on-demand system monitoring for Hospital or AT-HOME based instrumentation and sensors, while ensuring a secure data transmission system for bi-directional communication channels, will enable swift response times for any possible incident, which could potentially cause harm to the individual being monitored. This type of monitoring is ideally suited for live-alone elderly, disabled individuals or mobile patient monitoring on the hospital ward. The development of such a response network is largely dependent on a reliable and secure communications system being available. The main aims arising out of this requirement may therefore be stated as follows: 

  • The development of a Wireless MESH networking system for cabled and mobile/wireless sensors to enable WEB and mobile (GSM, WiFi, WiMAX, ZIGBEE) access to hospital/home based body sensors.
  • Development and deployment of suitable secure communications protocols for wireless medical applications that are capable of operating in a variety of network configurations; namely: mesh, star and ring.
  • A secure WiFi/Broadband communications system to be specified to enable long range communications for large scale data download to a management/monitoring based network.  


The project is funded by the Irish Research Council (IRC) (Contract Number GOIPG/2013/1132).
The funded Researcher is Avijit Mathur (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Project PI is Dr Thomas Newe.